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evr day nd every niiiiiite i alwasy dream that u r bi mi siiiide

wo i have nut updaet in lung tie,m! :o

wel lets c.. i hav bin on vacashin in alaska! i goed surfing wif mi bf fred =] ! he luek rly gud in thongs adn flip flop ,. we mak sweet luv on thi beach! i fink i got sand in hes vigiana tho =[ but he say it fels gud =]

dis is us @ our beach hous in alaksa :]

ya u kant rly c mi in dis 1 :[

dis is mi bf fred lolz he such a joker but i luv hm tho :-)

i tel him he luk lyk swim sute modal in dis 1

nd last but nut lest , a pic of us 2gether .. we r so in luv.. :DDDDDDDD

og i rly ned 2 go eat su,m ramen noodles im sew truned on . hot chili kind r the bset bc it is hot nad spicy lik mi.

i tink i wil go maik a quiz nuw ! after i mak sum ramen newdles

edet: i fenish mi quiz!

Take the quiz: "Wut is uR rLy true lAbeL ? (vry acurite! PIXXX!)"

u lyk tuch penias
u tyuch mi bonbons n i lyk et ,. u r very dep individual. u go far in life n u not let smel penaus get u down evear . u lyk go shoping.
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