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~*~*~yu tuch mi bodys specil plaeses , mi hert rases w/ u~*~~^~

wihte cheder chees popcorn mak mi dick haird wehn i wak up in thi morning ,.

i wentr for waulk todia nd i c lawn nome on sum1 lawn, it smiel @ me and tel me i wus beatufi; . it nam fred. we are going too tih olive garden 2morow. :]

im rly nirvus tho bc this is mi frist daet evar nd idk wut 2 do .. wut shul i wer?/ i wwud think of wring mi pink dress but the sleev mak mi luek fat. idk. thi is mi last chrismas in mi pink dres:</imig>

theat 1 is rly smel her is beter 1:

i find uot how to post pix todaid nad i am vry pruod =]

thsse is wut i luek @ wehn i am felign erotic

o ya [plz tell mi wut to shuld i wear on mi date . it on fridai.
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