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haii time for upate .
mi bf brake up w. mi ! i giaf him everyhitng! he rather blow leafs then tak mi 2 bingo , fukc him1! i vomit mi ramen so I not fat nemore

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Stop usin dem teeth!!!
Men don't like bein scraped, so stop usin dem teeth gurl, they get no pleasure from it, jus pain. how u like it if a man bit ur clit??They'll be too scared asking you to give them head. men not askin for a little suckin on their chorizo??? Wen does that happen? Only wit u maybe. u need work gurl.

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a lot of ppl have bin cmnting in mi jurnle complaingn about mi spel, i just want u all nkwo htat is poeopel likeyou that make me cut, ur not foolin anyone i knwo its beucase of my sexualty. :mad; dick

it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hsoe again
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