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im goeing under~*~*

wel hai ever1 ,i hvent update in a whie.. i ben rle busy staking wued. i think it rle gud job.

wel neways, i mad a nue layout todayi. I think it repersent mi jurnle rle gud, bc it is dark and has amy lee . i dunt lik 2 brag but chek out mi backgrond imige-- ya i tink i wel be grafic designer wen i grow up. <3mspaint4ever. plz cmnt on laoyut. i mite aplay 2 sum laout r8king communintes bc it is rle gud i fink.

i hed drem aobut boy last nite and we hugged eahcother , evun tho he mak fun of mi fro bein bi. :scratch: y i lik hem ??

ovar thi rainbow out ovar thi lawn strech out on sleples bed, wate 4 yor kingdom COME.
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thets a rly gud layout she iz hott i wonder if she iz bi 2?
wel i red in teen ppl magasine theat sh wus lesbin but i wus les bfore hir (i'm bi now tho so it ok)
I really hope this(your journal) is a joke. If not, you're a pathetic human being.
no u r pathtic hjumin beng bc u haev nuthign beter 2 do than unslut ppl jurnles? wut ur prob?

Is that like not sleeping with anyone?

Also, I concur. This, if it's not a joke, is an insult to the English language, not to mention human beings.

And if it is a joke, you went way too far.
I have a bad sense of humor and a lot of time on my hands.
I thought it was pretty damn funny.