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wtf i am not poser

dis gurl on zenex cal mmi pozer todai nad it mak me RLY ANGrY! brign it oun bitc! i have jsesus on mi side!@!!!! and we are in lov! and u haev no rite 2 be judgin us!1 OMG I AM SO MAED RITE NOW:mad::mad::Lmad:

^ omfg seh is the biggest pozer evuar!!!!! btich1!!!

o ya i furgit to tell yu how mi date went yestruday ... it was amazign.. i bring mi cam soz i tak pictures off fred :]

dis is mi nue bf:

i tell him he shuld be model :)

we r goign out next friday again 2.. i think i mite go all the wey w/ him. im scurd. i am lyk a virging.. abuto to b tuched for thii very frist tiem! =o
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