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~*~yu lauph @ mi bc i am dfrent ,i lauph @ u bc u r all thi saem~*~

gawfd i am so sick off ppl heating me bc i am bisexuil.. n then theyt r all like "o y u maik such big del out o fbeing bisexuil?"

idk wut ther prblm is.. i am bi and proud! the wheol world neds to kno!

o ya i maed a profeil on myspace.. http://www.myspace.com/17242581

add mi plz if u r bi ;D

i think mi cat is gey.. he licks mi arm. nd grooms my other cat and they cuddle sumtiems 2.. he is also male.

i cant wait to go to thi zoo on firdai! :D mi speishil ed clas tkaign feld trip there =D on fridaty. i am goign ot breng mi camraer sos i cna taik picteurs of thi eleephints ;o
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