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we r lyk peanut butter nd jelly

mg i met another biseuixl gurlo todai @ skewl .. !

yai =D

wur goign to thi zoo on fridai

wull lets c wut other neus i haiv.. mi mom got a new bunni rabbi on saturdai ! omg it is small nd cute nd fluffi. i wunt naim her pumpkins, =]

omg i think i haeiv klamideeuh bc i hurt down ther. mi penis fall off. onoing =o

soi go whoopsie daisy ive ben driving u crazy cuz i lok so tasty lala lala laa so i go whoopsie dasiy ive bin driving u carazy no u cant b mi poppa so boi go home to ur momma trun mi on trun mi on trun mi oooon

yai i lyk thet song =D

WEIL i havi 2 go put on my dance mittens c u all l8er bai !!!

xxx ~*~*~~*~*~~jsesica~~*~*~*~*~
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spam maiks mi pee pee hard ;o
yeah that song sounds great...
You need to take a long hard look at yourself and think about how obsessed you are with your "sexuality." Im all for gay pride, but when you go around making a point to have people know like that it's a complete cry for attention. Grow up.
right, and IM me if you want to bitch back which im actually hopeing you will.